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Live music can fill your venue and increase sales up to 60%. There's no easier, better value way to grow your business.

Read 6 ways to increase sales with live music below

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What our customers say

"When I hosted my first Live&Loud night on a Sunday I had 5 times the amount of customers through the door!

New Cross Inn

Q Grill

“My mid-weeks are packed because of live music.”

“I wouldn’t have a business without live music – and Live&Loud has all the bands I want!”

“Our Sunday lunch customers are staying longer & coming back more often thanks to some great artists from Live&Loud.”

The Oak Apple

What’s the best night to put on live music?

The CGA has seen 44% uplift during the week and 60% during the weekend. The venues that get the most from live music are the ones that put live music on the same nights consistently so customers know when to expect entertainment.

We recommend live music at least once per week, but 1000s of venues put on live music more than 3 nights per week and see great returns.

How much should you pay for an event fee?

Like any marketplace, fees vary across many variables:

  • If you have a PA system
  • Your reputation as a place for live music, and your ratings on Live&Loud
  • Your location and the ease that artists can travel to you

We recommend £200 as a starting point for a booking fee for venues beginning to book live music. Open mic nights are generally free, but you may want to offer drinks or expenses.

How much time do you need to promote an event?

The earlier you book a musician, the more time you and they have to get the word out about the event. This translates to better footfall for the event. Remember to book early. We recommend no less than 3 weeks in advance.

Use social media to promote

Sharing bookings on your Facebook and Twitter accounts draws new people. On Facebook you can put up an event and share the event so it appears on your follower’s timelines. Did you know you can share a booking more than once, so they appear on a timeline closer to the event day?

Different music draws different crowds

Different types of live music is a great way of introducing new groups of customers to your venue. Have multiple music nights of different genres to attract different crowds.

Our customers tell us it often takes a bit of experimentation to get the best increase in footfall, but luckily we have a wide range of musicians ready to play. If you want subtler entertainment for lunch or dinner, or more upbeat artists as a feature - we’ve got plenty of choice.

Get a great reputation with the artists

The better your reputation with musicians, the greater the demand to play at your venue. This translates to better price and quality bookings. The best way to build reputation with artists is:

  • To put on regular music
  • Book slots quickly so artists aren’t left waiting. Don’t be afraid to click ignore to a request that isn’t right - artists would rather know sooner.

6 ways to increase your venue’s sales with live music

Pay As You Go

£25 per event

(booking fee)

Venue pays Artist Directly

(on gig night)


Pay Artist Securely via Live&Loud

(10% handling fee)

How much does it cost?


£100 per month

(unlimited events)

Venue pays Artist Directly

(on gig night)


Pay Artist Securely via Live&Loud

(10% handling fee)

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